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Leatha L. Hubbard:


​    Since before she can remember, Leatha L Hubbard has always been an advocate for victim’s rights. Herself, a victim of domestic violence, over twenty six years ago, Ms. Hubbard understands the aesthetics of an abusive relationship. She believes that through the prayers and help of family she was able to escape the horrific grasp of this crime called domestic violence. Due to the lack of resources at the time, Ms. Hubbard felt the need to educate, empower, and enlighten others on this important issue. Ms. Hubbard vowed to help victims of domestic violence any way she could, by providing "A way of escape," thus Silent Whispers was formed.

     Silent Whispers was established by Leatha L Hubbard in 2011 in memory of all victims of domestic violence who have lost their lives due to this cowardly act. While celebrating the memory of these individuals, Silent Whispers is committed to help victims and survivors with this life long struggle.

      Oftentimes victims are secluded from their family and friends, and in extreme cases are relocated by their abusers, to gain more control. Silent Whispers provides travel vouchers for the victims, with the intent to reunite them with their loved ones. For victims that have overcome their circumstances, Silent Whispers also provides counseling sessions and group theory for victims and survivors so they can be provided with the opportunity to rebuild everyday life and relationships in a healthy manner.


  Silent  ​ Whispers mission is to respect the privacy of our clients while we offer (or give) empathy and understanding to our clients needs. Silent Whispers accommodates clients to uplift themselves, their families and loved ones. 

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